About Us

This is an important question. If you do visit our site regularly then this is your right to know. We are a team of dedicated professionals. We have dedicated our lives to the art of sanding. We are the wood crafters community around the globe.

On our advisors’ panel we have the people from the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. These are associated with the art of sanding. These people are from multiple backgrounds. They are wood crafters or having a degree in architecture and some are even working as a profession architect in different forms of the world.

About our Founder

Our founder Mr. Alexander has a keen interest in architecture from his early childhood. His father is a professional wood crafter. This profession is in his family for the last 300 years. He is simply carrying the family heritage. 

So Mr. Alexander brought the family wisdom and the professional expertise to the next level. He believes in sharing and caring. For the benefit of the wood crafters specifically and everyone associated with the construction industry generally, he has launched this website. He has contributed and is continuously contributing by sharing his own up to date knowledge and his old family traditional knowledge.  Not only this he has gathered a community of highly professional and dedicated people. These people also believe in the wisdom of Alex that is to care and share.