5 Best Ridgid belt sanders 2021

5 Best Ridgid belt sanders 2021

The market is full of sanders. Multiple firms are producing different types of sanders in the market. One of these companies has a very good and reputable name and is known as Ridgid. Today we have brought a collection of some of the best products from Ridgid. These are the belt Sanders and you will definitely find the sender you need here in this article. So we request you to have a look till the end of the article.

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R2740 Variable Speed RIDGID Belt Sander

This is an imported product from China. The best option that provides you with the ability to do the sanding in detail. It is operated on electric cords. 6.5 Amps is the amperage capacity of the speed belt sander. As per as the dimensions of this machine are concerned Item Dimensions are these. The length of the machine is 15 inches, the width of the machine is 6 inches and the height of the machine is 7 inches.


GEN5X – RIDGID – 18-Volt

Made by a very popular brand known as Ridgid. The dimensions of this product are these. The length is 12.38 inches, width is 6.94 inches and height is 8.25 inches

18 Volts is the operating voltage of the machine. It can grit up to the level of 80 numbers. The machine can be handled comfortably. As the machine is relatively lightweight. The weight of the machine is around 6.3 pounds

This is a refurbished product. It means that in terms of the price you can get a discount for stock. Do not worry it does not compromise on the quality. This machine will work as the new machines do. The only drawback of this refurbished product is that you may get it in a generic package. It doesn’t mean that this machine has lost any of its accessories. All the necessary accessories of this product will be shipped with the product.


Cordless Ridgid GEN5X Random Orbit Sander 

Another product from the house of the RIDGID. This time this is R8606B. It is operated on 18 volts. The dimensions of this product made it handy to carry. These dimensions are length 8.82 inches, width 5.91 inches, and height 5.71 inches.

This is not a new product, actually, this one is refurbished. While in the process of refurbishing proper repair and maintenance have been done. The product which will be delivered to you is properly checked. You will get all the accessories required to perform this operation. The only different thing in comparison with the new product is that here the product is packed in a generic box.

You need to buy the charger and the battery separately. These two items are not included in this product package.


R2501 Sheet Sander Ridgid

The Brand responsible for the presence of this product in the market is Rigid. The machine is operative on 120 Volts. In terms of the Power Source, this machine is Corded Electric. The Amperage Capacity of this machine is 2.4 Amps. The Grit Number used in this machine is 220.

The dust collection result for this product is really very high. . This machine has the capability to select dust up to 90%. This is due to the air guard Technology used in the machine. It saves time in every possible way that the dust collection bag can be easily separated from the machine. It can then easily be cleaned. After cleaning the installation back to the machine is really very easy. The onboard cleaning facility is available. This is because of the vacuum hook pipe available onboard.

The paper changing mechanism is very easy This is due to the load system provided in the machine. Even the door of this machine has the capability to maintain the speed of the motor. So that you can get up cost and performance from the machine install.


Belt Sander  9403 by Makita

Another quality product from the house of the Makita. The item dimensions for this product are these. Length is 9 inches, width is 16.1 inches and height is 9.76 inches. The Grit Type applied by this machine is of Medium range.

This machine is operative at 240 Volts. The Power Source  available with this machine is Corded Electric.

This is one of the most silent senders available in this category. The material removal is really very fast; this is done due to the 4 inches wide belt. This giant machine can work at a massive speed.

To save money from the contamination the high quality construction Steel has been used. The machine comes with a speed dial. This speed dial is used to adjust the speed as per the need of the work.

The weight of the machine is 30 Pounds only. The manufacturer is so sure about the quality of the product that they did not hesitate to provide a one year warranty for the machine.


How to buy a Sander

Whenever you have decided to buy a sander. You should look for these parameters in your desired products. If you will check these parameters it will be easy for you to use the sander after buying. Otherwise, after buying there can be multiple problems in using the sander. And finally, you find out this heartbreaking news is that the sander is of no use.

Purpose to use the sander

The most important thing is to know about the purpose of the machine. This will definitely help you to find out which type of sander you need to buy.

Are you a professional and are going to use the sander for professional purposes? Or are you a hobbyist and going to use the sander to complete your small self-interest products?

These are only two parameters. There are some other parameters that help not only to find your purpose but ultimately help to narrow down the specification of the machine. For example, are you going to buy a product that will be used in the industry or in a small unit? So the first thing is to identify the purpose.

Installation Size

Every machine has an installation size. Therefore whenever you buy the machine try to find out how much area the machine requires. There are two types of areas that are associated with the machine.

The first type of area is that which is needed by the machine to be placed. The second type of area is that which is required by the machine to perform the operation smoothly. This area includes even the storage of the raw material and the storage of the product that is made by the machine.

Power requirements

The power requirements of all the machines are different from each other. You need to check out if the installation in the area is capable enough to provide the machine with the power requirements. In case if the power requirements are not available in that particular area then you should need to arrange the power source for their particular machine.

Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance is an essential element that is required by every machine. Secondly, the amount will be spent and resources will be consumed during the repair and maintenance of the machine. You should list out the resources required to maintain the machine and the amount needed in this process.

This is something that should be contributed towards the price of the machine. So while deciding the price of the machine, always calculate the running expenses of the machine into it as mentioned earlier the expenses needed to repair and maintain the machine. It should be calculated whether running the machine is within our budget or not.

Budget and Pricing

Budget and pricing is an important element. It may happen that you want a machine that is really very sophisticated but unfortunately the price is so high that you cannot afford it. So at that time, we left with two options. The first option is to look for or substitute for that machine and thus the obtained option is to look for an old machine.

Sometimes it is a wise decision to buy an old machine rather than buy a new machine. The old machines are also found in very good condition especially when these machines are actually refurbished. Do not acquire or buy a machine that offers more functionalities than you need.

This extra amount of money which you have spent on this machine actually blocked investment and is of no use.

Final Words

Whenever and no matter which machine you are using, safety measures are the most important aspect to consider. Never forget these.