Best Cordless Hammer Drill

Best Cordless Hammer Drill

As a handyman, it is of utmost importance that you own a drill. Drilling into various types of hard objects and dense surfaces such as tiles, stone, and concrete, it’s possible that your regular drill might not be the best suitable option. Even the most powerful standard drills are not strong enough to properly and efficiently get the job done. When it comes to drilling hard to break surfaces in projects, professionals recommend using a hammer drill.

A hammer drill is quite possible the most commonly used tool owned by homeowners, and individuals who are into DIY home projects. Not sure which cordless hammer drill you should purchase for your projects? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered. This article will serve as a buying guide for the best cordless hammer drill one can buy for themselves, according to their preferences and needs.

1. DeWalt 20V MAX Hammer Drill

Features Of DeWalt 20V MAX Hammer Drill

Are you looking for a versatile, all rounder cordless hammer drill that is suitable for almost any type of project? Then the DeWalt 20V MAX Hammer Drill might just be the perfect hammer drill for you. This cordless hammer has a few features that stand out amongst the rest, such as a half inch 3 jaw chuck, a strong brushless motor along with a LED light that has 3 different modes. With a weight of 4.75 pounds, this powerful hammer drill has a speed of up to 2250 rpm, which is the standard for most powerful hammer drills.

This level of speed is also perfect for most hard to drill surfaces and objects, making it much easier and simpler to get done with your projects. This dewalt best cordless hammer drill is going to be an excellent addition to your toolbox. Users also have the option of using the hammer drill mode, which makes the device speed up even more, allowing users to benefit from 38,250 BPM.

This setting can instantaneously turn hard objects such as brick and concrete into fine particles of dust. With an 11 position clutch feature, users also have the ability to finetune the output from 820 UWO, to a setting that is more preferable for their projects. A 5.0 AH 20V Lithium-ion battery really makes this hammer drill stand out from the other hammer drills available in the market, as this battery gives the DeWalt MAX Hammer Drill 57% more runtime as compared to other hammer drills. If you’re looking for the best cordless hammer drill for concrete, this is the one.


  • Super bright LED, making it easy to use this hammer drill in dark and dim areas
  • Long lasting batteries that charge in a short amount of time
  • Powerful voltage of 20V makes this hammer drill suitable for both professional as well as beginner handymen


  • Tendsto overheat upon usage
  • Users have complained about one of the batteries on the drill malfunctioning or ceasing to work
2. Makita XPH03Z 18V Cordless Hammer Drill

Features Of Makita XPH03Z 18V Cordless Hammer Drill

Though light duty, this cordless hammer drill is powerful enough to get the job done. With features of a half inch, 3 jaw chuck, powerful speed and BPM, along with dual mode LED lights, the Makita XPH03Z sets a standard for other light duty cordless hammer drills. The Makita XPH03Z is able to produce a BPM speed of up to 30,000, with an RPM of 2000, giving users the ability to get done with lighter duty tasks, such as drilling through grout lines and wall tiles.

One feature about this Makita hammer drill that makes it so commendable is the fact that the drill itself has a side handle, allowing users to have a firm grip and control of the drill. Another excellent feature of this drill is that it contains a depth stop, which prevents users from crashing and shoving the Schuck right into their work surface. Unfortunately, the Mikita drill only comes with the drill itself, and the 2-pack 3.0 Ah batteries need to be bought separately. Even so, the drill is extremely light, with a weight of roughly 5.1 pounds, and is one of the best ½ inch cordless hammer drills one can invest their money into. This makita best cordless hammer drill is going to be a great addition to your toolbox.


  • Drills holes instantly
  • Does not overheat
  • Lightweight, and quite simple to use


  • The batteries are not that durable
  • Users complained about the device not being comfortable enough to use for longer time periods
3. Craftsman V20 Hammer Drill

Features Of Craftsman V20 Hammer Drill

If you’re on the search for a tool that is versatile enough to carry out most handyman projects and is affordable, then you should definitely check out the Craftsman V20 Hammer Drill. With a 2 speed gearbox that has the ability to produce a high speed of up to 1500 RPM, the Craftsman drill is labelled as one of the best cordless hammer drills for both light and medium duty handyman work. If you're looking for a device that can quickly, easily, and efficiently drill holes inside of concrete and brick, this hammer is the one for you. With the ability to produce a maximum of 25,500 BPM, this cordless hammer drill gives you so much more than the price you pay for it. What makes this hammer drill an even more attractive option is that it weighs just below 2.75 pounds, and can easily be carried by almost anyone. Its light weight also makes it easier to control, getting rid of the chance of making any mistakes in the project process.

Arguably, the Craftsman Hammer drill has low torque numbers at 280 UWO. However, this drawback is made up for by the fact that you can purchase this hammer drill along with a pack of two 2.0Ah Lithium ion batteries. Yet another feature that categorizes this drill as one of the best cordless hammer drill drivers is the fact that it has a built in LED, making it easier for users to work in the dark.


  • Extremely fast and easy to use
  • Powerful motor
  • Excellent runtime from batteries


  • Tends to overheat
  • Users complain about receiving the package without any batteries

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4. Bosch Bare Tool Hammer Drill

Features Of Bosch Bare Tool Hammer Drill

When it comes to the Bosch Bare Hammer Drill, this small drill is action packed with features that are excellent for projects. This ⅓ inch hammer drill comes with an auto-lock, making it easy to carry it around in your tool belt. The tool itself weighs just under 2 pounds, and is lightweight enough to be carried around the premises where you are working on your project. And though this tool is quite tiny, it is strong enough to drill through material such as tile and concrete.

With a speed of roughly 1300 RPM, this cordless hammer drill has the ability to turn out 265 inch-pounds worth of torque, however this setting can be adjusted by users according to their preferences. The Bosch Bare Tool is also labelled as an extremely versatile hammer drill due to the 20 adjustable settings that it has. Users can easily switch over to the hammer mode, which gives them the ability to produce up to 19500 BPM. This is powerful enough for you to drill into hard surface objects such as brick, concrete and tiles, all while being lightweight.

One drawback of this tool is that it does not come with batteries. The batteries for this cordless hammer drill need to be purchased separately. A 6.0Ah battery works perfectly for this drill, but you can also use Bosch 12V batteries if you already own them.


  • Lightweight enough to be carried around, which is a perfect substitute for users who are tired of carrying around heavier hammer drills.
  • Perfect for a homeowner or woodworker to work on tight spaces
  • Compact and tight drill that is powerful and versatile enough to get the job done


  • Drill heats up very easily
  • Battery tends to drain faster as compared to other hammer drills
  • Battery needs to be bought seperately for the device to function
5. Dewalt 20V MAX SDS Hammer Drill

Features Of Dewalt 20V MAX SDS Hammer Drill

Yet another one of the best dewalt cordless hammer drills is the 20V MAX SDS model, which is lightweight, heavy duty, yet gives users a tight, pistol grip at the same time. With the ability to provide 4600 BPM and a high speed of 1100 RPM, the Dewalt MAX SDS can easily drill deeply into hard surfaces. This drill also has the ability to produce 2.1 joules of energy, making the drilling process during your projects even more easier. Although this hammer drill does not come with batteries, one can use any previous 20V MAX Dewalt batteries that they might have beforehand.


  • Extremely rugged tool, works well on glazier trade
  • Batteries last for hours
  • Powerful enough to easily drill in holes into strong surfaces


  • Makes a clicking sound when used, which can end up being annoying to some users
  • Chipping feature has been reported to be faulty