Ryobi detail sander pads

Ryobi detail sander pads

Ryobi detail sander pads” is the search query that lands you here on this page. This means that you are well aware and customer.

Who knows well about the Japanese component manufacturer the Ryobi. This is a well-established name in the market. All the products manufactured by this brand are of the best quality.

This article will be highly beneficial to you. If you are looking for the different types of Ryobi detail sander pads.

DS1200 – 5 Sanding Triangular Head Pads.

Product Description and Features

Big is not always good. Sometimes we need small machinery. This is a compact machinery. The small detailed standard that can perform the finishing off of the furniture. This is specifically made to do the finishing of the cabinets. The space is narrow and the triangular shape of the pad makes it enabled to perform the task even at very narrow space.

The speed of the DS 12000 is 13000 OBM. The machine can work all day long. Don’t worry it doesn’t include a  trigger. In some other Sanders, you need to put your finger on a button in the order to run.


This sander runs automatically and does not have the trigger button. This means that it will provide you with more ease.

The DS 12000 runs on the AC current. The machine is equipped with a 6 feet long cord. This 6 feet long power cord helps you to work easily.

This sander has a well-shaped and firm grip. This group helps you to do the work even in extreme conditions.

Why should you buy this

The grip

The sander is equipped with a rubber textured grip. This Rubber structured grip helps to control the machine while working.

Narrow Space Working

Due to its small size, it can work even in narrow spaces. This is something that is not possible to do for the big belt sanders.

The trigger is not included

The machine has a simple operation procedure. You only need to turn the sander machine on. Like many other sanders, this does not have any trigger button. This is the reason that both of your hands will be free. You can easily do the sanding operation with ease.

The weight is light

The weight of the sander is only 2.2 pounds. This 2.2 pounds weight is really very easy to handle.

Product package

The machine is filled with lots of lots of accessories. The machine has 5 different send papers.

Customer reviews

The best way to know about a product is to look at what other users say about it. This product has an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5. 42% gave it a 5-star rating while 26% gave four-star 13% give three stars 14% give two stars and only 5% give it a one-star rating. So overall a good progress card.


  • Excellent Grip to handle the machine
  • The sander can perform well in the narrow places
  • Both hands are free to perform the task as you do not need to push the trigger from time to time.
  • This lightweight product is easy to carry and work with.
  • Product Package includes the sandpapers.


  • The machine may not handle the heavy industrial projects

P – 401 Cat Finishing Sander By Ryobi

Product Description and Features

This is an excellent sander to deal with the corners. This machine is compatible with the 18-volt batteries.

The machine can run with the speed of 11000 orbits in a minute. This is the best to work on the wood as it also provides a dry and wet vacuum. The dry and wet vacuum saves you from the wood dust.

You can even use it in very very narrow places with the help of a hook and loop system.


Why should you buy this

Great Speed

The machine is operated at a great speed of 11000 Orbits per minute.

Specially designed for corners

The new specific sander is specially designed to reach in the corner in very narrow places.

Firm Grip

The sander has a firm grip help you the world is it

Dust Port

You can easily attach the vacuum with the dust port. You can attach the vacuum with the vacuum cleaner and the working place will remain clean. But please remember that you need to buy the vacuum cleaner separately.

Customers review

The best way to know about a product is to ask its users. P 401 has an excellent rating of 4.3 out of 5. 68% of customers give it a 5-star rating 14% 4-star rating 7.3 stars with 3% to start writing 8% give it 1 percentage. From the above-described statistics, you can well judge that this machine deserves a fair trial from you.


  • The machine can work at a great speed.
  • this product is specifically designed to work with the corners
  • It provides a firm grip to the user.
  • This is equipped with a dust port.


  • A separate vacuum cleaner is needed in order to get the benefit of the dust port.

CFS – 1503 – GK Orbital Finishing Sander with Carrying Case

Product Description and Features

This is not possible for a sander to perform all the tasks. This sander the CFS 1503 is specially built to do the sending work in the corners. This is something that is not possible for the sheet sanders to do.

it can handle well the edge of the furniture and cabinet because of its pointed style of sending.

Together with the professional using this sending device both can create miracles.


This reliable machine helps you keep your working area clean by picking up the wood dust with the holes at its base. Usually, the dust created in the sending work can find its place into the machine. The place from where the dust enters the machine is around the switches. The due importance has been given to this fact. In the sanding device, the on-off switch is designed in such a way that this will not help the dust to enter the machine.

The user can maintain the firm grip easily because of the rubber grip available at the top of the sanding unit.

The product package included a carrying case. This caring case enables you to carry the machine wherever you want to go. Additionally, it has 12 different types of sanding pads. This lets you handle different varieties of the task easily.

Why should you buy this

Excellent work with the corners

The CFS 1503 is fully equipped to handle the tight corner areas. This can handle the flooring, furniture, and stair standing easily.

Comfortable and firm grip

The rubber grip at the top of the machine helps to control the machine easily.

Dust collection from the workplace

The holes at the base of the machine suck wood dust. This saves you from the extra effort which you need to put in cleaning the workplace.

Dust protection

The switches are designed and placed in a way that protects the machine from the dust.

Assorted sanding pads

The collection of the assorted sending pads along with this device helps you to perform different types of jobs.


The mobility of the sanding unit is excellent. This is due to it’s compared size. Secondly, the machine package includes a carrying case. this carrying case lets you carry the machine where ever you want it


  • Unique shape that can work with tight corners.
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Dust collection from the workplace
  • The on-off switch is dust protected
  • The carrying case is included
  • Assorted sanding pads let you complete a variety of task


  • Cannot perform heavy sending tasks.

Ryobi S – 652 – DGK Squared Orbital

Product Description and Features

if you are looking for a sender and you have two different parameters in your mind. The first is that it should work in nooks and crannies. Secondly, this should provide maximum protection to the wood. This means that the damage of the wood should be minimized while this machine operates on the wood.

This machine can work with the speed of 14000 orbits in a minute. This can work well with frames coma dose, tabletop coma, and other flood pieces with ease.

The grip of the machine is ergonomic. The rubber cover of the grip allows you to take the machine firmly. This lets you perform well even in the slippery conditions.


The machine is designed to keep the workplace clean. it has been attached to the dust collection bag. This dust collection bag collects the dust. While you are working on your project. This saves you additional time to clean the workplace. Although even though you have to clean a bit. But the effort required in cleaning is minimum.

The machine has a storage bag included in the product package. So after the work is completed you do not need to worry about the storage of the sander.

The product package also includes four sanding pads. This helps you complete a variety of sanding tasks.

The machine is in ideal shape to perform DIY projects. The machine is all set to go. This is ready to perform its first job. The 6 feet long power cable helps you to reach the desired place of the sanding.

Why should you buy this

Ergonomic Grip

The Ergonomic Grip enables you to hold the machine perfectly while working on your project.

Dust bag

The dust bag not only cleans your surface by collecting the dust. This also enables you to completely concentrate on your task without worrying about the wood dust.

Hole puncher

The hole puncture is accompanied in the product package. With the help of this, you can easily adjust almost any pad to this machine.

Contractor bag

In order to carry, store, and organize your tool the contactor bag is also provided in the product package.


  • Ergonomic Grip helps to handle the machine easily
  • Dust collection bag keeps working area clean
  • Almost any pad can be used with the sender with the help of hole puncher
  • Give minimum damage to the wood


  • The machine is not suitable for heavy-duty industrial projects.

Final words

Congratulations, You have chosen the right brand in the market. This is really reputed one. And the reputation is based on the right reasons. This is the time to choose the right product based on this brand selection. We have provided you with some of the best available Ryobi detail sander pads. You can cheese as per your needs and the requirements.

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