Best Cyclone Dust Collector with Reviews In 2020

Best Cyclone Dust Collector with Reviews In 2020

The dust can be a problem if you operate in a commercially open space.

This space is not necessarily completely open. By open, it means that there are high chances of the dust coming into the arena.

  • This can be a hall or shop or showroom or any other place where customers come to buy.
  • The messy or dirty place will look like a haunted place for the customers. The customers will definitely not buy in these conditions.
  • In these conditions, you need a cyclone dust collector. But the problem is how to choose the best cyclone dust collector for you.
  • I have sorted out some best possible cyclone collectors. Have a look at these and probably you will find the best one for you.

Best Cyclone Dust Collector 2020 Available in the Market

3 Horse Power Dust Collector JCDC-3 JET CYCLONE

Why You Should Buy It

  • This cyclone dust collector is operative at 3 HP
  • It is fitted with a filter that is directly mounted.
  • The operation is two-staged and separated
  • The drum capacity is 66 gallons
  • This cyclone is comprised of pleated material

Product description and features

This product is made by the industry leader. Some of the best brands in the market. Functionality-wise this is an excellent model. This can collect a large amount of dust in the drum. Due to its ability to suck the best and put it in the drum without filtration. This can constantly maintain the airflow at an adequate level.

Due to its extraordinary capacity of 66 gallons. This carefully handles the large area very easily.

This is a portable model. The portability is supported by high-quality casters. The model cares perfectly and provides high efficiency due to the mounted filter.


  • This official model can even collect small pieces of dust.
  • This can be operated with the help of a remote-controlled device.
  • This can be operated with a very high power
  • This cyclone dust collector has a separation of great quality.


  • The remote control is not very friendly for all the users to operate
  • The installation manual is  very poor

Cyclone Dust Collector -3 HP – G0441 by Grizzly Industrial

Why You Should Buy It

  • This cyclone dust collector has a capacity of 55 gallons
  • It can be operated with 3 horsepower
  • This is installed with the filter that is a cartridge filter
  • The capacity of the cyclone filter is to cover the area with 113 square feet.
  • It provides you with an efficiency of up to 99%.

Product Description and Features

This cyclone disconnected has the ability to collect 99.9% of the dust. This can’t collect the dust particles that are less than the size of 0.2 microns. Do not worry, this covers 99% of the dust particles.

The machine has the capacity to work in a larger area. This will really leave you with a clear and clean area.


  • This can cover the larger area.
  • The output is really strong
  • This cyclone does provide high efficiency
  • Really a high-powered cleaner


  • This is not so portable cleaning unit
  • Be vigilant at delivery. As some customers find missing parts as the product is delivered.

2100C Dust Collector DC by Baileigh

Why You Should Buy It

  • The machine is fitted with the micron filter
  • This can move easily in the desired direction due to a rolling base.
  • The barrel can we release quickly
  • This can be operated at 2111 CFM
  • The operating power is 3 horsepower

Product Description and Features

This is a high-capacity collector. The reason for this ability is high CFM. this is a durable machine and you can use it for a very long time. Even in the high dust-producing areas, the collector can easily collect the dust.

It is highly portable so you can put it where you need it. The dress collection capacity of this machine is very awesome. This can collect the dust-up to 63 gallons.

The drum is easy to take out. Once empty this can easily be adjusted in the unit again.

The machine can be operated with remote control.


  • It has the capacity to filter the fine particles
  • The machine is easily and highly portable
  • The machine is very very easy to operate.
  • This is really a power full machine


  • The remote control system is not so efficient.
  • This does not have the capacity to collect the fine particles.


Why You Should Buy it

  • LED indicator to show the position of the drum
  • The machine is operative at 3 HP
  • It has the operative capacity of CPM 2200
  • The drum has the capacity to hold 60 Gallons
  • The system can be operated through a remote control system

Product Description and Features

Acoustic foam is the best feature this machine has. This is inside the machine. The machine is a dust collector.

It has the capacity to work silently. This is the reason that it makes the environment calm around itself.

This powerful unit has high CPM power too. Both of these convert the duct collector unit into a viable option you should have at your working place. If you have the big area to clean from the duct then this is the best choice to have. Although this cyclone dust collector is complicated. If you use the machine, after some time the things will be really fine and you will be familiar with the controls soon.


  • The sensors are sensitive and are fully operational
  • This cyclone dust collector is equipped with the cleaning sensors
  • Really high CPM rate
  • The cyclone dust collector has a large capacity of 66 gallons


  • This is really a heavy machine to deal with
  • The controls are really complicated to handle this machine


Why Should you Buy It

  • The machine is operative at 2 HP
  • The Great CFM rate of 1538
  • This Cyclone Dust collector is equipped with the drum capacity of 30 gallons
  • The Machine is really quick due to the quick leavers
  • It has two separate chamber operations

Product Description and Features

This is a perfect machine to operate in the medium size constructed areas. As the power is concerned this is not very great in terms of horsepower. This deficiency is very much covered with a high CPM rate.

The second additive feature of this machine is the filtration system. This is the reason that you can enjoy the constant airflow.


  • Highly efficient cyclone dust collector
  • The cleaner is fitted with high-quality filters
  • Really easy to operate
  • Really a portable Machine


  • The drum is smaller hence lowering capacity
  • The output is not powerful enough

Dust Collector Cyclone Portable W1823 by Shop Fox

Why You Should Buy It

  • The cyclone has the operative motor of 1.5 HP
  • The operative CFM value for this machine is 806
  • This cyclone dust collector is fitted with the 20-gallon drum capacity
  • The machine is relatively low weighted this means that it is easily portable
  • Quick-release lever really makes the things easy and quick

Product Description and Features

If you are looking for a cyclone dust collector machine with the economical parameters then this machine is certainly for you. The CFM rate is not very impressive. Still, if you have an intention to use this machine in the small area then this is the best machine your place needs as a dust collector.

The best feature of this machine is portability. This is really a highly portable machine due to two important reasons. One is the machine is lightweight and the second is the design of the machine. The machine is well in a position to move and adjust easily at different positions. Both the features mentioned above the design and the weight make this possible.

Quick-release levers make the machine highly workable. This comes really with the remote control system to operate. This remote control added to the ease the machine provides to you. No doubt that the machine is operative at the low power. The good thing is that this low power charged you at a very economical price.


  • Very economically priced
  • The machine is really portable
  • The machine is really easy to operate
  • The machine is really adaptive


  • The machine is underpowered
  • The Decibel level is really very high.

In case you do not like any of the above-sorted products. We are providing you with the buying guide. This is the most practical available cyclone dust collector available.

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Size of the Operative Area

The size does matter. If you buy a small dust collector then the requirement of the large spaced area will not be fully filled. This will definitely reduce the efficiency of the machine. This only added in the mess. Although you spend the money this money will be of no use if this will not provide you with the benefit you need.

To measure the area appropriately before installing the dust collector helps you to determine the best machine for your area.

The Power of the Motor – The Horse Power

This may be the first thing you want to check when you are looking at the specifications of the cyclone machine. Usually, this is available in three different specifications.

  • 1.5 HP
  • 2 HP
  • 3 HP

1.5 HP

This is the smallest machine available. This is not a good choice even to install in the medium areas.

If you are looking for an economical option that can be arranged in the small setup then this is the best possibility for you. This will even save your money. Moreover, the running cost of the machines will also be below. If you are a small-sized business entity your operating budget is low. Then this is the best suitable option for you.

2 HP

Provides you with high efficiency in the small-sized area. Moreover, these can also be adjusted in the middle-sized areas. Very few models with this specification are available. So if this is your choice then be sure to look for all the other available options.

3 HP

These are the giant machines big in size and heavy in use. These are heavy industrial category machines. Do not think about these machines unless or until you need to be operative in a really large area.

Cubic Feet per Minute – CFM

The cubic feet per minute the CFM is the unit to calculate the airflow of the machine. The higher figure means that the machine is able to collect more dust in the machine.

CFM < 1000  

This is a suitable unit for you if you need to install it in a small area. Moreover, the area is closed and is not open. If the area is open and you have a larger place to handle the duct then this is not the machine for you and you really need a bigger unit to work with


This pressure is suitable to work with the middle-sized areas. CFM depends on the HP. so usually the more horsepower means more CFM. Sometimes things may differ. This CFM is suitable to work with the middle-sized areas.

If you have a small area with lots of openings then this is a much needed option to be placed in these areas.

CFM < 2000

Most probably this will fulfill all of your needs. No matter how big space you have unless or until you have the space that is so wide and open that it falls under the category of industrial use.

The Size of the Drum

The more the size of the drum the more the machine will be able to collect. So the bigger the size the better it will be. But this myth is not always true. The bigger the size the heavier will be the machine. As the machine is heavier then this is really difficult for the machine to move. If you want a portable machine then look for the machine that is smaller in the drum size.

The smaller the drum size the more often you need to make it empty on the other hand the smaller the size the easier this will be to make it empty.

Remote Control

This may be disruptive to go back again and again towards the dust collector station. This is the reason that the remote control system was introduced. This will help you to remain busy at a distinct workstation and still be able to operate the cyclone dust collector at a distinct place.

The Ease of Portability

You may need to frequently change the location of the dust collector if it is so then you must choose the dust collection machine that is easily portable and can move from place to place.

Ease of Operation

Some operational controls are really difficult to tackle. These have the capacity to create mess. Therefore this is highly recommended to check for the ease of the operation.

Secondly, check the procedure to take out the filled dust tank from the machine and make it empty.

Final Words

Dust at any commercial place especially in the shops made things messy. This creates really a bad impression on the customers. This is therefore necessary to make the things clean. The cyclone dust collector is the best option to do so. In case if you do not know which model is best for you then have a look at the available list in this article this will definitely help you a lot to understand.

If you do not agree with our list even then you can use the buying guide described in this article this buying guide will help you to choose the best cyclone cleaning unit for you.