DeWalt palm sander Review 2021

DeWalt palm sander Review 2021

When it comes to doing a wood project for my home, I always try to choose the tools which are efficient and convenient to use. An orbital sander always comes in handy in the process. Orbital sander helps us finish the wood project splinter-free. There are various sanders available in the market, and I have tried many from them like Ryobi and Festol, but the one I loved most is DeWalt Palm Sander DCW201B. It let you work smoothly and efficiently.

There are numerous sanders with advanced technology, and thanks to DeWalt palm sanders, you will find one right into your budget and perfect for the home owners. With DeWalt, I never felt a need to replace my tools.

When DeWalt introduced the cordless palm sander, I was excited to buy it at once. Luckily, my excitement was for the right stuff. Now I can work on my cabinet and big wood projects without getting fussy about cords. After the use, I reviewed the product, and it comes 9 out of 10 on my scale, which is pretty suitable for advanced Sanders available online.

What does Sander actually do?

Sander is a great helpful tool to smooth out the surface by abrasion through sandpaper. In industrial areas, the sanders used are pretty heavy and need lots of power to work with them. But for home owners who love to build their own projects like me, DeWalt palm sander is the best choice.

Palm sanders help in cutting wood, making cabinets, trim work, and you can also use them on your car seats to even the surface. DeWalt palm saner cordless is one of the best for beginners and home users.

Electric DeWalt sanders parts are simple, and they have quickly replaced the fussy classic sanders in-home particularly.

What’s in the case?

When you buy the DeWalt palm cordless sander, you are getting the following things in the package:

  • A cordless Sander
  • User manual to let you know how to use DeWalt Palm Sander
  • A dust bag attached with the tool
  • & carrying bag so you can take it anywhere you want.

At this point, I love Ryobi Sanders more as they come with pads, so you need pads to get started with. The DeWalt palm sander replacement pads are easily available online and at the market.


The DeWalt sander provides fast and smooth work. The power switch is covered against dust to provide prolonged use, and there are options between choosing the speed. It is a hand sander that provides you with a firm grip and speed options to choose from eight thousand to twelve thousand OPM. The weight is two and a half lbs which make it okay to carry for long. The battery stands for a long time. The eight hook system allows easy pad replacement.


There are hundreds of reasons I will prefer it on any other DeWalt sander available. First of all, look at its pretty yellow color and small and sleek design. The Sander comes with a rubber grip so you can hold it for longer without feeling any vibration while you work on it.

It is not too heavy to carry around with its 2.5lbs weight. It has a dust-sealed power switch that ensures the long life span of the product. The speed variations help you to work between layers of clear coat. The 5’ DeWalt palm sander with sandpapers works smoothly on small projects like a box.

The DeWalt palm sander is easy to control s controls sits right at your fingertips when you place your hand over its rubber over-mould grip.

There are few DeWalt palm sander lowes of the product like cordless sander for homeowners, including several novice and beginners. The eight holes hook and loop makes it easy to replace the pads, but it becomes pretty tricky for the newbie’s.

The battery time is suitable for small projects. A cordless sander runs on battery, and it can run smoothly for half an hour while working on 150-grit sanding on wood. It is all possible with a single 5Ah battery. That means you can work for hours until you complete your project if you have an extra pair of DeWalt battery palm sander.

The drawback here is that battery time will drop quickly while you are engaged in working on some heavy project like lower grit power and removing paint from the table.

There is a dust bag with the sander to let you work with little mess. Also, it works best after the DeWalt palm sander vacuum attachment. The dust collector connection can be irritating often, and you may need to hook a non-DeWalt dust collector ¼ hose through an optional adapter.

After reviewing the tool, here are a few pros and cons of the sander.


  • Offer you to work fuss-free and convenience with its cordless feature
  • Best to use for indoor and small projects.
  • The sander might be small, but it provides a robust and smooth finish to your projects.
  • The sander is easy to use with the help of over mold, and also, it is convenient to control speed and power with a speed dial.
  • Speed dial is right at the place where you can use it easily.
  • The power switch is sealed against dust to ensure durability and longevity.
  • It is easy to replace pads with the help of standard eight holes hook and loop paper.
  • You can choose between eight thousand to twelve thousand OPM for better and robust control.
  • The battery lets you work for half an hour.


  • The dust port connection gets fussy sometimes.
  • It is a bit noisy when it starts.
  • The battery 5-Ah will start making the tool heavy with continuous use.
Let’s wrap it up
The DeWalt palm cordless sander is an overall good choice for small projects. It provides a smooth surface with a powerful brushless motor. There is no doubt that the work can get a little messy, but it can be overlooked with its economical price, good quality parts and durability. The user-friendly features also make it a good choice for beginners.