Top Rated 4 Best Benchtop Belt Sander (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Top Rated 4 Best Benchtop Belt Sander (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)
What actually is a best benchtop belt sander, as slightly clear from its name it is a sander fixed on a benchtop instead of the other hand handled tools available in market its purpose is to make the process of wood sanding super fast and easy, yet another feature which differentiates them altogether from the hand handled tools available in the market is their sustainability and power, they are far more heavier and  powerful than the said category.


  • Benchtop sanders are quite convenient to use and provide you with an open opportunity to work with your both hands and let you apply your skill freely.
  • They are great to handle the smaller details of the delicate pieces and equally good with the larger areas.
  • These machines are good for blade sharpening as well only you need to consider the type of sandpaper you are using.
  • Fine-grit sandpaper for smoothing the surface and coarse for abraising material.
  • It even can be handled by the newcomers keeping in view a few tips and precautions.


Benchtop belt sanders can be of two considerable types one with a belt and other available with a disk and if you are a wise customer i hope you will go with a two in one product as the option is available in the market.


How to decide the best bargain available for your desired tool. It’s never so easy as sometimes while preferring a cheap deal you fall for something that does not fulfill your work requirement and sometimes you  purchase an expansive highly equipped tools with so many functions which you hardly need, that ends up as an expansive and unsatisfactory deal as you feel it was just a waste of money because you the extra features are just of no use for you.

So Before falling for a deal chalk out your work requirements and then start the survey for the best fit product or Sander you need.

Here onwards we will be suggesting the few best available options of the benchtop belt sanders available in the market.

1. WEN 6502


  • 4 in x 36 in belt
  • 6 in disc sander
  • Belt sander tilts to 90 degrees
  • Cast iron base
  • ½ horsepower
  • 41 lbs
  • 2-year warrant


  • Providing you with a two in one combo both a belt and disc sander at the same time, Simple yet versatile.
  • Appropriate for lighter materials and domestic usage.
  • Very simple to operate so even a good bargain for beginners.
  • Cost-effective as providing you with a 4.3 amp motor and a speed of 3600 rpm in half of the cost as compared to its other competitors.
  • Durable material is used in construction that leads to long life machinery.
  • Two ports available for dust managing one below the top and other at the back to add convenience and effectiveness. An external vacuum can be attached to these ports.
  • It comes with multiple safety features.
  • Protective plastic shrouds are perfectly designed to provide you with maximum safety and minimum hindrance while working.
  • Easily adjustable and lockable belt.
  • One can use a variety of sanding pads according to need and work requirements.
  • Sanding pads and disks can be easily replaced in the presence of a tension release lever.


  • Not too much convenient with heavier loads.
  • A slight vibration in the machine while usage have been reported.
  • The belts functionality suffers when extra pressure or weight applied.
  • The manufacturer proposes to restrict its use for wood only (no metals ).


In my opinion, if you are looking for a simple machinery for not too much haveir tasks assigned to it, it is a good purchase.

As the users who are happy with the tool are mostly those which are simple DIYusers certainly not recommended for heavy commercial usage but can be a good and economical deal for  limited and personal use.

Yes it is one of the best selling benchtop belt sanders, still the users highly recommend it for smaller jobs only and a go a head from my side but only as a low budget tool for lighter jobs.




  • 6 in disc sander
  • 4 in x 36 in belt
  • Belt sander tilts to 90 degrees
  • 6 ¼ in x 9 in table for disc sander
  • ½ horsepower
  • 38.5 lbs
  • 5-year warranty


  • Again a two in one comes with a belt and disc.
  • Disc and belt are placed on appropriate differences to avoid hinderanc.
  • Even a good choice for beginners as it is quite easy to use
  • Appropriately powerful and nicely fast, so allow the consumer an efficient and result
  • Solid construction and good material provide durability to your bench belt sander.
  • It provides good finishing regardless of shape and size.
  • The machine provides you with a good alignment of grinder and belt for a long tes at 110-time span.
  • The belt is adjustable in both horizontal and vertical direction allowing you with ease and comfort of use in any size and shape.
  • The machine is made of steel and cast metal about 43 pounds in weight, heavy material provides you with minimum vibration production and stability.
  • The motor has a power of 4.3 amp and operates at 110 volts the belt speed is 1900 SFPM and the disc rotates at 3450 RPM provides you a fast and functional workshop.
  • The spare parts are made easily available by the company on customer demand.
  • The belt itself is quite inexpensive and durable. Still easy to change as well.


  • You will have to buy a separate dust collector to keep the workplace clean and tidy.
  • Slow down while performing heavier jobs.
  • The instruction book attached is not very clear to understand and follow.

My opinion 

As Rekon is a famous and reliable brand providing you with 5 years warranty it can be a good purchase for small shop use. Moreover, convenient to use and has flexibility from 0 to 90  degrees can help you while working with maximum shapes and sizes.

Hobbyists and DIY users are very happy while reviewing the Rekon benchtop belt sander with a few reservations of its compliance with the heavy weight articles. Still recommended but not for heavy duty usage.




  • Cast Iron Construction
  • Disc speed: 3,450 RPM
  • Disc size: 8″
  • Belt size: 2 x 42 inches
  • Belt speed: 3,100 SFPM
  • Disc table size: 10-3/4 x 7-1/2″
  • Disc table tilt: 45 degrees
  • Motor: 3/4 HP, 115-volt, 1 phase
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • A solid rigorous making from JET which is a reliable brand
  • Miter gauge is quite flexible upto 45 degrees at both the sides.
  • It can be a good purchase for shop use.
  • Durable and long-lasting performance.
  • A long-lasting and durable motor.


  • Replacement of belt add up lots of work as you have to remove the table for the said purpose.
  • Seems expensive for those having limited use.


I can recommend the machine if you are not actually looking for a  pure professional one, for a comparatively lighter task it is surely a go a head.




  • 6 in x 48 in the belt
  • 10 in disc sander
  • Belt sander tilts to 90 degrees
  • Large 8 in x 14 in cast iron table for disc sander
  • ¾ horsepower
  • 5 year warranty
  • 104 lbs


  • The high-quality band that can be used in  any direction
  • Easy to manage 10-inch disc that does not create any hurdle in belt operation
  • Stable base due to heavy-duty cast iron
  • Belt tension lever can be released quickly and easily
  • The iron table provides ease to the user as it can easily be tilted to 45 degrees during operation.
  • The sender disc is significantly large in comparison to other alternatives


  • Users repeatedly reported that the machine screws needed to be tightened before use otherwise created noise.
  • Although very few but some users are annoyed by its vibration
  • The assembly of the machine is more complicated than its counterparts.

My Opinion

This is the best machine for regular users but a bit expensive for occasional ones. The regular screw maintaining is the fatigue part that can easily be squared by the ease provided by the machine at work. If you are a sophisticated user then the vibration created by the machine can be annoying for you but for the regular or heavy users, it can be ignored or managed easily while considering the machine massive power.


While selecting your benchtop belt sander you need to check the following aspects


It’s a very important aspect while selecting your proper sander as in most of the reviews I have read people complaining about the bogging of their sanders when applied on heavy-duty items. And mostly it’s not the machinery which is causing problem but the selection which you made while choosing your benchtop sander as most of the lighter versions are not compatible for heavy jobs so if you want to operate heavy tasks with your  sander select a comparatively heavy-duty sander which is definitely going to be an expensive one as well.


 Try to choose the sander which is low on maintenance and less complex to use and the belt and disc are easily changeable when torn down.


 While selecting your belt Sander you can decide that either you are going  to choose a simple brand providing one single tool table or going to select a brand providing  two tables and lots of extra functions, you can even choose the diameter of your disc and dimensions of your belt you just need to be wise enough  while considering your needs and work requirements. 


Dust collection system of any sander is a very considerable factor as it’s improper functionality cannot even effect the atmosphere of your workplace but also your health .

Now best of luck for the best possible purchase of your desired benchtop belt sander.

For any questions or queries  please feel free to comment below 🙂