Makita 9903 Belt Sander Review (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Makita 9903 Belt Sander Review (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)
Makita 9903 belt sander can rightly be called the mighty belt sander with its enormous features and 8.8 amp motor, it has a super fast speed, which is just under control with its speed variable dial feature, not just one of the fastest of its type but also the quietest. Makita is a highly recommended tool for professional use its an ideal machine for carpenters, furniture makers, woodworkers, floor fixers, deck makers and professional contractors.


Belt Sander, 3 x 24 , 8.8 A

  • A mighty motor of 8.8 amp
  • The quietest amongst its type produces the mere noise of 85 decibels in short no more than your car engine noise or equal to your hair driers slight disturbance. which is actually a miracle when reviewing professional heavy machinery.
  • Next considerable feature when reviewing the Makita 9903 belt sander or any other belt sander is the weight which is going to support you while doing your job as the required pressure can be generated through the weight velocity instead of applying extra manual power again add up a plus point with its 9.5 kg weight, quite sufficient for the job.
  • A 16-foot long cord highly efficient as there is no need to worry about an extension or looking for a plug socket for your electric supply again another go ahead.
  • Another uncommon and purposeful feature is the flat topside of the motor that allows more ease and effectiveness for the job.
  • Makita is the fastest belt sander available and its high speed is monitorable from 690-1440/min according to the demand and needs of the consumer through its speed monitoring daily.
  • Makita offers an auto track belt means your sanders belt is always centered and on track for your sanding job.
  • It offers a dust collection bag that collects a few ounces of dust and provides you with a clean working environment.
  • Belt Size : 3″ x 21″
  • Belt Speed (variable speed) : 690 – 1,440 ft./min.
  • AMPS: 8.8
  • Overall Length: 11-5/8″
  • Net Weight: 9.5 lbs.
  • Variable speed control dial: Yes
  • Dust bag included: Yes
  • Sands flush to the wall: Yes
  • Shipping Weight: 11.8 lbs.


Makita 9903 belt sander is made up of strong durable plastic and a few of casted metal. It has a solid and comfortable holding grip which provides you with ease of use with a pistol grip for a right hand and a standard forward handgrip for the other hand as well. The flat top of the motor also provides much comfort while working with an upside-down condition. overall seems a long route working machinery.


  • As we live in a material world nothing is perfect as we do have some cons or shortcomings in the said model as well
  • A bit expensive
  • The contrast material used in the making i.e. plastic and casted metal makes the machinery a bit imbalance to use on narrow surfaces.
  • The speed regulating dial could have been possibly placed on a bit more appropriate place to provide more easy access while the sander is still operational.
  • The dust containing a bag with a plastic clip is prone to slide off and split all the dust if caught somewhere with the edge of the workplace.


In my opinion it’s not a complete win-win situation but still a good purchase for a long term use investment, less noisy appropriately powerful, accurate for both home and professional use though bit expensive but still the auto-tracking belt’s efficiency and good work can save a lot by not burning the belt or ruining the surface again and again. The auto-tracking belt size with a lesser width and longer length is great to use, as the lesser width provides you to access narrow spaces and the length allows you to quickly cover the larger areas. The powerful motor of 8.8 amp is just accurate, so with all its features its a go-ahead in my opinion.

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