Top 7 Best Belt Sanders (May 2021 Updated) (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Top 7 Best Belt Sanders (May 2021 Updated) (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

We all love finished and finely carved wood as well as metal carvings. While building offices, homes or buildings after the architecture, people are usually the most interested in the wooden and metal carvings of the building, house, etc. The carpenters mostly use the saws for carving the wood as well as maintain its finish. Carving the wooden sheets with the help of saw is much time-taking. Furthermore, it produces a lot of noise and creates a lot of mess.  Belt sanders are the machines, which are used for carving, finishing and refinishing of the wood and metal pieces or sheets.

Belt sanders are a relatively new method introduced to carve and finish the woods and metals, in order to give a new look to the place. The belt sanders help in completing the carving and finishing tasks in less time. Moreover, most of the belt sanders do not create much noise. Also, most of the belt sanders, have built-in compartments for collecting the wooden waste.


The 7.8 amp Makita wheel sander is a high-speed sander and it can gain the speed up to 3,500 RPM. Makita wheel sander gives you professional-grade wood cleaning and rinsing jobs. The design is very strategic and allows woodworking experts to negotiate the corners too. Let’s take a look at the features of Makita wheel sander.

  • Makita wheel sanders work in a dynamic way.
  • It executes the power of 7.7 – 7.8 amperes approximately.
  • It works efficiently as it removes the rust from the metal.
  • It also helps in producing wood grain effectively.
  • Makita wheel sander has got rollers attached in the front panel that makes its working capability uniform.
  • The machine has efficient brakes that help in stopping the machine at once.
  • Furthermore, the machine consists of brushes with nylon.
  • It comprises of a cord that is approximately 8 feet long.
  • Makita wheel sanders remove dirt and erosion from the wood and metal effectively.
  • It efficiently finishes wooden objects.
  • The long cord of the Makita wheel sanders helps the sander to operate in a better way.
  • It has many different types and this model is the best of all.
  • It is more prevalent for some of the delicate materials.
  • It tends to produce a lot of noise


Makita wheel sander is superlative for its productivity and efficiency. The Makita wheel sanders are recommended to buy as it works effectively and rapidly. A machine aids in saving the time of many people. Moreover, its nylon bristles help in working on drywalls and rough surfaces competently and capably.

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The Ridgidbelt sander is a variable belt sander. It has a 6.4-amp motor that gives a variable speed control. Like other famous belt sanders,it has an automatic belt tracking system that will help to keep the belt centered while working. The ridged belt sander service and maintenance are much simple and you can maintain it on your own. Let’s discuss the top features.

  • A Ridgid belt sander is a refurbished model.
  • It has grip handles that are soft and comfortable.
  • This type of belt sander produces much low vibrations and pulsations.
  • It has a cord that is 12 feet long, which is much beneficial as well as convenient.
  • This refurbished model also comprises a tracking tool that helps the belt to stay in the center of the machine.
  • The refurbished model of rigid wheel sanders weighs up to 8 pounds.
  • It is available in plastic and metal both.
  • The Ridgid wheel sanders require 120 volts of electric power in order to work.
  • The components fit into this model are universal and generic.
  • The Ridgid belt sander has dual fans attached.
  • One fan helps in keeping the machine cool.
  • It does not require any kind of battery.
  • A product is not too expensive and is worth its price.
  • The response rate is awesome.
  • The flat face is much appropriate in blooming the sanding.
  • Not suitable for delicate and light materials.
  • Being a refurbished model, it might not look like a new one.


The Ridgid belt sander is a nice, petite and very lightweight belt sander. It is recommended to the belt sander users as it can work on the electric supply of 120 volts. Moreover, it possesses 6.5 amperes of power.  This type of belt sander has a twin facility as it has the power of electricity as well as auto-tracking. Furthermore, the Ridgid belt sander is not much costly and is worth its cost. A high-quality product has super performance.

This machine can prove to be the best selection for the people who are fond of carving the wood in their houses. This can be the best belt sander for the people who are related to the profession of making cabinets, woodcrafts, and other small and presentable things like this. It is not much preferable for professional workers who are used to working on a large scale. As this Ridgid belt sander does not attain much power.


SKIL is a leading belt sander manufacturing company that manufactures reliable, and high-quality power tools and their parts. This belt sander is a very dependable and versatile tool that can do the job for you quickly.SKIL 7510 is extremely easy to handle tool, it is chock free and full of power no matter how much tough job you are doing.

We also wrote a detailed and our full honest review on makita 9903 belt sander, You may also check that, Hope It’ll be also very helpful for you 🙂

  • Very lightweight because made up of plastic.
  • It uses up to 120 volts of electric power.
  • It is a portable machine.
  • Good for woodworks.
  • Micro-filtration mechanism captures all dust particles.
  • It comes with pressure control technology.
  • It informs the user when the pressure is high.
  • It comes with a powerful motor.
  • It comes with a feature of pressure control.
  • It is a cost-friendly machine.
  • It consists of an auto-tracking system.
  • The transparent dust container is a plus point.
  • Slow rotation system.
  • The dust collecting mechanism does not work much efficiently.


The sand cat hand-held belt sander can prove to be a great choice as it has many specifications. It is the machine that comes at an affordable price. Other than the price point, there are some great features such as pressure control. The pressure control mechanism notifies the user about the high pressure being applied.  This feature is helpful. Moreover, it increases the lifespan of the belt sander. Furthermore, the transparent dust collector is a very remarkable component. It is convenient if one has to use this machine as a whole.


If you work on large projects than this is the best variable speed belt sander for you. The price is affordable and works well like any expensive belt sander available in the market. It is a lightweight belt sander with a variable speed dial. The 5.0-amp motor gives you good power to work on rough surfaces.

  • Tacklife belt sander is an approximately 5-ampere motor.
  • The belt sander is very efficient in removing stocks.
  • Tacklife belt sander has a screw clamp, which permits the machine fixed on to the table.
  • This model of belt sander has much-improved handles that help in having a comfortable grip.
  • This machine also comes with a dust and dirt collector.
  • It attains a vacuum adapter.
  • Tacklife belt sander has a feature of on/off.
  • Moreover, it also has the lock-in function that assists in the uninterrupted operation of the machine.
  • The fast releasing of the sanders belt helps in easy and rapid sandpapers.
  • The machine has a long cord of approximately 9.8 ft.
  • It is a compressed and lightweight machine.
  • It comes with a speed adjusting facility.
  • Easily connectable to vacuum cleaners.
  • Best for removing heavy materials.
  • The belt might lose control at some points.
  • A little bit noisy.


Tacklife belt sander is preferable for people and professionals working on small outdoor projects. Being a light-weight machine, it can be taken anywhere without any hassle. It can be carried easily by the professionals as it is a 2 in 1 machine. It is a bench sander as well as a belt sander.


Black & Decker is a low profile design belt sander. This belt sander features the retractable hood to give you detailed sanding results. This machine is very compact and lightweight, so you can easily handle it and work easily. Let’s take a look at the key features of this belt sander.

  • The black and decker dragster belt sander includes a sander, a medium grit, a dust collector bag, and a sanding belt.
  • This machine by black and decker comprises of rollers in the front portion that helps to reach the very snuggest place easily.
  • The machine comes with an ability to be drawn in the handle for best controls.
  • The dust collecting part works the best as it keeps the workstation tidy.
  • It is a machine of 8 pounds approximately.
  • It is easy to regulate this machine.
  • The black and decker dragster belt sander comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  • It is a budgetary model.
  • The black and decker dragster belt sander can work on 120 volts.
  • It is beneficial for working with woods, bench sanders as well as belt sanders.
  • Budget-friendly and affordable machine.
  • Small front rollers that are helpful in various places.
  • The belt is replaced very easily and firmly.
  • Adjustable handles are so good.
  • Durable machine
  • Don’t have speed controlling adjustments.
  • The motor is too slow for such equipment.

6. Belt Sander Corded by Wen

This sender comes with the beautiful industrial looks. Beautifully designed and aesthetically appealing.
The dust produced during the process is not your responsibility. This machine will collect the dust automatically. This machine has both a dust box and a vacuum collector. The does produce remains manageable during the sending process No need to press the power button continuously with your hand. The lock mechanism for this is available.

Just lock the power button and work with both of your hands.
The machine is super portable. You don’t have to worry about the power supply location. With the long enough long power cable, you have the liberty to use the machine as per your ease. The sandpaper replacement is very easy and you can easily do it. If you have any issue while using the machine consult the user manual easily online.

  • A lightweight sander that can be operated easily
  • The excellent dust control system
  • Sandpaper can be replaced easily
  • The trigger has a lock-in mod
  • The plastic casing is not available.

Why We Like It

The 7 Amp motor can run with a speed of 13 feet per second. The dust collection system is well managed because of the dust bag and vacuum adapter. The machine is protected with a warranty of two years by the manufacturer.

7. Cloth Dust Bag Belt Sander From Makita

If you prefer to work in a quiet environment then this Cloth Dust Bag Belt Sander From Makita is the best choice for you to have. It is hard to find a sander quieter than this one. Even though it is recommended that you should wear ear protectors before using this machine.

The Cloth Dust Bag Belt Sander From Makita is faster than the other available choices in its class. The cloth bag is a good innovation. This is especially suitable for small jobs. If you are a do it yourself type of guy then it is a good tool for you to have. This tool can work well with multiple hope based projects. The machine is not very heavy to carry.

The craft man can easily handle the weight of the machine. The machine weighs only 15.92 pounds. It requires both the hands to work simultaneously especially when you are working on the product surface. Different products have different grit requirements; multiple grit papers are available. This feature enables the user to handle different options better than the other available sanders.

  • The powerful motor of 11 amp
  • The dust Control mechanism is highly effective
  • Cloth bag as a dust collector is a good innovation
  • The machine is up to the industrial standards
  • Different sandpaper grits to work on different surfaces
  • The quietest machine available in its own category
  • Easy to operate and easy to handle
  • The lighter alternatives are available in the same class.

8. SB8V2 Belt Sander by Hitachi


SB8V2 Belt Sander by Hitachi

A product from well-known manufacture. This is another great product from the house of Hitachi. This product is user friendly and is based on the best available technology. 

The grip is comfortable and is easy to hold while working on the surface. You do not have to worry about the cleanliness of your working area. The machine is equipped with a dust collection bag. The dust collection mechanism works well and cleans the surface for you. 

The surface is visible to you while you are working on it thanks to the visibility window installed in the machine.

This is a lightweight machine so easy to carry and easy  to work with. Hitachi always made quality products. This product is also of no exception. This is the reason that Hitachi has no issue in providing a 60 months warranty.


  • The machine has a powerful motor of 9 amperes
  • The machine is easy to carry with the weight of 9.5 pounds
  • Perfect dimensions to work with 14.2 X 9.2 X 8.3 inches
  • The tracking window helps to obtain better results.
  • Liberty to set the speed of the machine

  • Customizability in terms of speed setting is available
  • Sending surface can be viewed while working with the tracking window
  • The dust collection system works exceptionally well
  • 30 days guarantee
  • 5 years warranty
  • The sender may sometimes build small charge

Why we like it

This quality machine has a variety of 60 months. Easy to use and easy to carry. The machine has an excellent grip. You can have the view of the surface while working with the tracking window.

9. 6515 Belt Sander by WEN

WEN 6515T 1 in. x 30 in. Belt Sander

This is the permanent solution for most of your problems. This two in one machine is a good fixture. If the fixture is your option then go for this sender machine. This two in one machine can sand the surface with both disc and belt. The dealing of this machine is not very good with the deck and the floor sanding the kitchen knives and fruit cutters. 

As far as the sending of the wood is concerned this is an excellent sander that can perform different tasks. The two in one functionality of this machine widen the domain of its application.

The sender is equipped with a dust collection system. Separate bags are available for both the disc and belt operation.

The grit capability of the disc and belt is different. The belt can grit at the standard of 100 while the disc can grit at the standard of 80.

Why we like it

The machine has multiple sanding options. This is an ideal stationary sending solution. The dust collection system for both sending and this are available with separate dust collection bags.


  • The weight of the machine is 16 pounds
  • The motor of the machine is operative at 2.3 amperes
  • the dimension of this product are 14.5 X 8.8 X 15.8 inches
  • 2 in 1 combo product with disc and belt sandals
  • Two different vacuum ports are available for its system
  • Meta guard is included for more precise work

  • A perfect silk stand-alone solution for workshops
  • Iron base is strong and sturdy
  • The dust collection system is efficient and effective with two different ports for each sanding option.
  • This product is not made for heavy industrial woodworking and the products related to the metalwork

10. 3037 Air Belt Astro Sander


Astro Tools 3037 Air Belt Sander

This is an industry-standard tool to be used at your home. If you are looking for a sander to be applied at the metal surface. This is the best machine for you.

Different surfaces have different requirements. You may need different speeds and different types of sandpaper for sanding of different surfaces.

The speeds of the machine are adjustable and the maximum speed it can obtain is 16000RPM.

The machine has a firm grip. You can handle it firmly and easily because of its grip handle. The machine is easy to carry. The reasons behind this are two. one is the non-slip grip and the second is the lightweight of the sander.

A drawback of the machine is that you need to connect it with the air compressor in order it to work perfectly. A lot depends on the quality of the compressor. so while purchasing the compressor make sure that it has good quality.

The chances are high that with the lower quality compressor the machine will not be operative as good as it should be.

Why we love it

Best lightweight sander to be used at home with industry standards. Multiple speed options and multiple paper gift options make the work really easy.

  • This is an air belt Sander
  • The weight of the machine is 2.1 pounds
  • The design dimensions of the product are 15.5 X 3.5 x 2 inches
  • Three different types of grits are available with the machine
  • The arm of the machine is adjustable
  • The belt can be changed easily
  • The speed of the sender can be controlled easily.
  • This machine can perform the metal sending of high quality
  • Adjustable speed
  • Different Grit of SandPaper is Available
  • Lightweight
  • This sander requires a separate air compressor to work.


What causes repeated slipping in my sander?

When you are using your belt sander and performing your task, you are supposed to generate dust while achieving your desired surface. That dust deposits around the sander and eventually affects the balance of the roller that is keeping the belt in the center. So if you keep the dust managed by adding a dust collecting bag with your sander you can avoid the slipping of the belt that interrupts your work.

Can I fix the broken sanding belt on my own?

If you are facing a broken belt issue and your sanding job is being interrupted don’t worry you can fix it with few easy steps without seeking any professional help. First of all, you need to get your desired grit sandpaper. Take your measurements and cut the sandpaper accordingly. 

Join the belt with the help of any adhesive like german glue support the joint with the help of a bias cut cloth tape until the joint is fixed. When the belt is fixed and the glue is dried you just need to trim the edges and ready to go for the task again.

How to fix a loose belt in a sander?

First of all, you need to determine which side of your sanders belt is causing the trouble. If it is loose from the side where you have your adjustment knob you need to turn the knob anti-clockwise that will lose the knob and fix your trouble and if the belt is loose from the other side you need to tighten the knob by turning it clockwise and that will be the problem.

How can I get the right size belt for my sander?

If you are going to buy a new belt for your sander and you don’t have an old one as a reference you can look into the manual to get the true length and width of the belt. And if that is also not available you need a measuring tape and can measure it directly from the sender unit. 

Which type of belts is a better choice for a higher grit?

When you want a higher grit aluminum oxide sanding belts are not your best option you can go for ceramic sandpapers option as they work faster and finer.

Are there any specific precautions while using a belt sander?

If you are using a belt sander or any other sander you must be careful of the following things

  • Never forget to use proper safety gear like a face shield, eye protection, and do wear a mask to avoid breathing into a dusty environment. 
  • Never forget to check the connections before you start working with a sander, especially a disk sander. As if you are unaware of its exact status it can go out of control.


There are a lot of belt sanders available in the market nowadays. All one has to do is to choose a belt sander according to his profession and needs. The homeowners should buy the belt sanders, which are not for heavy-duty. Moreover, there are some things that have to be kept in mind while buying a belt sander. One must check the power of the belt sander. One should keep in mind what size would be perfect for his needs so that people do not buy a machine that does not fulfill his purpose.  Usage of the right belt sander can help a person to stay protected from damage caused on a greater scale. Belt sanders are dynamic tools with a lot of power that helps in removing all the dirt and finishes the material.

The best belt sander is the one that does not create a mess around the area and helps to keep the workstation clean. Lastly, one should conduct proper research on the belt sanders while keeping his needs in mind. So that he can get the right equipment for his purpose and do not cause any damage.