Best Drywall Sander with Reviews [2021]

Best Drywall Sander with Reviews [2021]
The gypsum walls or the dry walls are in fashion these days. The reasons are durability, resistance, and affordability. This relatively affordable material is resistant to a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions and yet durable. when it comes to durability the dry or the gypsum walls are more durable than most of the available building materials like concrete and wood.

The extension polls and the dust collection system make the drywall sender the right choice for drywall sanding work. The working conditions and the nature and the demand of the work may make other types of sanders a better choice like a belt sander, orbital sander or even a hand sander.

This is necessary to polish the gypsum board wall surface so that it looks more attractive. The attractiveness is not the only purpose to polish. The installations and the painting cannot be done on the chaotic surface of the wall or if done will not look appropriate.

This purpose cannot be achieved without a drywall sander. The availability of the senders in different shapes and types made the choice difficult. This is the right time for us to jump in with the assistance required and the guidance needed.

Let’s look at some top-performing sanders considering the budget, working conditions and the requirements as the best for one is not the best for all. Have a look, consider your circumstances and working conditions. Then combine those with the expert opinion, the reviews,  the features and the pros and cons we bring for you here.

1. PORTER-CABLE 7800 4.7 AMP


The first model in our list is Porter Cable’s, Drywall Sander. This 8.5-pound lightweight is an innovative tool this best electric sander for drywall can provide 4.7 Amps of sanding power. You have the liberty to adjust the speed of the best electric sander for drywall as per your own desire. The available speed limit is minimum RPM is 1400 and the maximum is RPM.

This variable speed sander provides a range of 1400 to 2000 RPM and features a long, 13-foot static-dissipating vacuum hose to remove potentially harmful dust. This durable sander also features hook-and-loop straps for easy handling or attachment to an external vacuum. is an innovative sanding tool that provides 4.7 Amps of sanding power in a lightweight, 8.5-pound body.

This variable speed sander provides a range of 1400 to 2000 RPM. To save the user from the dust produced in the process of sanding the sander is equipped with a static-dissipating vacuum hose. This 13-foot long hose not only prevents the problems due to potentially harmful dust but also reduced cleaning time. The hook-and-loop straps attached with the machine make the handling easy. This durable sander can be attached to an external vacuum cleaner through hook-and-loop straps.


  • The liberty of choosing the speed ranging from 1,400-2,000 RPM.
  • The sanding pads are surrounded by brush type skirt. This prevents wall joints from gouging and helps in dust collection too.
  • Better balance and control because of the motor located at the opposite end.
  • Very lightweight but durable quality-oriented product
  • Long-handled best pole sander for drywall to reach ceilings
  • The dust collection system saves health and reduced operational time by eliminating the need for cleaning.
  • The best product to use professionally for contractors
  • The handle length is not adjustable.
  • Handle grip may sometimes become difficult during operation.
  • Vacuum hose may not compatible with all sort of extractors although it works well wit majority



This POWER-PRO 2100 is the best orbital sander for drywall. This powerful sender is made of low-weight, strong aluminum and plastic but the plastic used here is hard and durable.   unit is made from hard, durable plastic and.

The best power sander for drywall POWER PRO 2100 Electric Drywall Sander is designed with the purpose of all-around drywall sanding. The reach is not limited to the straight walls only but is equally effective on ceilings and hard to reach the wall areas. Ideal for providing finishing touches on newly constructed walls or sending the old walls for renovation purposes.

This is a must-have product for “do it yourself” type of guys, especially when they are up to some weekend projects. The weekend project time limitations can be well observed by minimizing cleanup time. This time minimization can be achieved by using the sander with a vacuum cleaner.


  • The POWER PRO 2100 Electric Drywall Sander is equipped with a powerful 710 watts motor.
  • The motor speed is adjustable between 1000 to 2100 RPM.
  • The handle length is extendable from 4ft to 5.5ft.
  • The vacuum hose is extendable till 12 feet and can be connected to the industrial vacuum hose
  • The handle is large which provides control and accuracy. This handle is also removable.
  • Two extra carbon brushes are included in the package.

  • The RPMs are high.
  • The extendable handle facilitates the overhead work.
  • The product is packed with lots of lots of desirable stuff like sandpaper in a wide range and in different fortitudes
  • Easy to hold the lightweight product.
  • Some users reported that they are not fully satisfied with the performance of the vacuum.
  • The high RPMs may damage the delicate materials.


The best pole sander for drywall can reach the places where another sander can’t. This best power sander for drywall has an 8.5-Inch pivoting head. This head can rotate in all areas. The sander can automatically adjust as per the surface it is working on. The variable speed can be adjusted from 600 to 1500 RPM. The lightweight product has a weight of 9 pounds.


  • The storage is simple due to foldable design
  • 2 years warranty
  • Adjustable body length up to five feet away.
  • The speed adjustment is variable can be operated minimum at 600 and maximum at 1500 RPM
  • The sandpaper can be changed easily due to the hook-and-loop base pads.
  • The dust removal system is automatic.
  • The items included with this product are  60, 80, 120, 150, 180 and 240 grit hook-and-loop 9-inch sanding discs
  • This best pole sander for drywall is the Excellent value for money
  • The device can be operated on any surface due to the pivoting head.
  • This best power sander for drywall is lightweight
  • The body can be telescoped up to 5 feet.
  • The additional pads are difficult to buy, additional Replacement pads are hard to find
  • The sanding discs with product wear out quickly


This best orbital sander for drywall the Bosch OS50VC is equipped with a powerful 3. 4 Amp motor.To match speed to the task the speed dial can be adjusted between 8, 000 to 11, 000 OPM). Bosch exclusive suspension system Control vibration. This minimization of vibration results in the form of superior handling and maximum comfort.


  • The best mouse sander can sand close to surface from three vertical sides
  • Perfect paper fit thanks to supreme paper clamping system.
  • This best orbital sander has the lowest vibration which makes it one of the best electric orbital sanders too.Orbit Diameters:3/32 inch
  • The dust collection system is available.
  • The kit includes parts punch plate, sanding sheet,  OS50VC sander, microfilter dust canister, removable front handle, VAC024 vacuum hose adapter and 5 mm hex wrench.

  • The variable speed is excellent.
  • The body is a very strong rugged and sturdy.
  • The wall sanding can easily be done.
  • The product may not be very handy for all users


This best electric sander with  6. 5 amp, 6″ Inch disc size is another handy tool by Bosch. This best orbital sander for drywall  tool can sand and polish in two different modes random and turbo providing  flexibility of power to perform various jobs The tasks like woodworking crafts, polishing fine woodworking, carpentry, Inlay work, furniture building, woodworking, carpentry and fine finishing can be best performed with this sander.


  • The tool can work in two sanding modes. One is the random orbit mode and second is the turbo mode.
  • The prior can be used for fine finishing and normal stock removal and the former is for stock removal aggressively.
  • The 1250DEVS 6.5 amp is fitted with a variable speed motor.
  • Increased flexibility due to multiple speed option.
  • The passive dust system can save your health and extra cleaning effort.
  • The orbital sander package is comprised of single unit of dust tube, RS6045 6 inch soft backing pad,  ambidextrous auxiliary handle, sanding disc, pad wrench, five millimeter stored on tool, and dampening ring.
  • An ideal tool for sanding jobs, polishing applications, furniture finishing and wood floors.

  • Two different power options provide flexibility for perfection
  • The tool is as powerful and as durable as like a Tank
  • Easy to use on a variety of surfaces
  • Equipped with an effective dust collection system.
  • The user may get confused with multiple speed options. As which to use where.

What is best for one may not be best for all. We have provided you with facts about different sanders. Choose the sander as per your requirements and needs.